The What, Why and How of TikTok Advertising in South Africa

The What, Why and How of TikTok Advertising in South Africa

TikTok has been declared one of the world’s fastest-growing social media networks, and it has been among the most downloaded apps for the last three years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, users found time to explore the platform and engage with their online audiences in new ways, which helped the short-form video app thrive. TikTok provides a significant marketing potential for your business because it allows you to contact a large number of people for a relatively low cost.

How Your Business Can Succeed on TikTok

To guarantee that your brand’s story gets heard, it’s vital to capitalise on TikTok trends. Many successful TikTok firms have embraced the TikTok community’s creativity and authenticity, which is reflected in trends and issues. They have used the platform to highlight their own voice. They are collaborating to construct their brand story. Embracing a trend may help your business stay top-of-mind on TikTok while also providing a variety of fun ways to convert customers.

TikTok Videos Win Over Ads 

TikTok users believe that the service is more ad-friendly, hence more dependable, less invasive, and more innovative and amusing. Because TikTok videos are no longer than 60 seconds, which is the optimal duration for a user’s attention span, the content is delivered simply and efficiently. TikTok uses strong calls-to-action (CTAs) to tell your viewers what you want them to do, such as shop now, visit the website, or learn more. You can also work with content creators who can provide businesses with exclusive access to relevant material that fits in well with the platform.

TikTokers spend the equivalent of an entire movie on the platform every day, demonstrating their commitment to the format, which small businesses should take advantage of! Small businesses can utilise TikTok to produce sound-based content for mobile devices, including music, sound effects, voice-overs, and reactions. Customers are invited into the communities, workshops, and daily lives of business owners, allowing interaction with new local and international audiences.

How to Make Interesting TikTok Marketing Content

It all boils down to providing compelling material to succeed on TikTok. People will be more inclined to watch and participate in your videos if you can accomplish this, resulting in the algorithm showing your material to a larger audience. The simplest way to develop engaging business content is to use the same method you’d use to generate blog article ideas for your TikTok profile.

Use the Correct Hashtags for TikTok SEO

If you want people to locate your TikTok material, you’ll need to think about TikTok SEO. Simply put, TikTok SEO is the act of optimising your content so that others can find it via the platform’s search function. Using relevant hashtags anytime you submit a video is the simplest method to achieve this. If you’re having trouble finding hashtags, go to TikTok’s search section and type in a broad, relevant term. TikTok will then recommend a few hashtags that are related to what you input. If you want to reach a larger audience, use basic or generic hashtags.

Collaborate With Other TikTok Content Creators

If you’re having trouble acquiring an audience, consider collaborating with other TikTok content creators. Send them a short, courteous note expressing your interest in working with them when you come across someone who appears to be a suitable fit. Because this is a numbers game, it may take some time for someone to accept your offer. However, as your following grows, you may see that more people want to collaborate with you because there are bigger benefits now.

Grow Your TikTok Audience

Be authentic, creative and engage your audience. Audiences respond best to honesty, and customers can easily detect if a company isn’t committed to its basic beliefs. TikTok allows businesses to engage with a passionate community in a fun and rewarding way, allowing them to interact with a wide range of people. One of the driving elements behind that connection is creativity. Lastly, join the conversation, engage and introduce your brand to users and potential customers.


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