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More than 1.7 billion people log onto social media each day. 71% of Internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media.
It’s time to connect with them. Find out how we can build your social media presence.

We live in the social media age.

The advent of social media has transformed the societies we live in, and the way we interact as a species. And it has transformed the business landscape, too. As a business owner, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach untold numbers of people who might otherwise be unaware of your existence.

Good social media management can increase sales, generate new leads, and boost brand awareness like nothing else can. It’s the ideal forum for promoting your products and services daily to current as well as prospective customers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in particular provide amazing opportunities to increase brand revenue through promotional advertising. But it goes beyond sales, to something deeper – something that can truly

establish your business as a market leader. Social media, above all, is about connection, real engagement.

The opportunity to connect

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to engage your audience with interactive content and community-building endeavours that will win you brand loyalty. Every great brand is built on a foundation of trust, and by harnessing a stronger standing in the public eye, you will be able to leverage social media to boost revenue, pushing traffic to your site and collecting viable leads.

Whether it’s company updates and product rollouts; social events, awards and press releases; or hard-hitting, precisely targeted promotional ads, social media can help you cultivate a connection with your clients.

The formula is simple – the more connected you are to your audience, the more likely and more often they will do business with you.

There is also a strong SEO component to social media. Recognising the relevance of social interaction, Google’s search engine is increasingly integrating Facebook updates, Tweets, social media profiles and comments into results pages. In summary then, good social media management can deliver:
Better exposure and brand awareness
Stronger sales
Improved SEO results
Heightened trust and credibility
Increased site traffic
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can dramatically increase your exposure and drive interest in your company.

Ensure the right messages on the right social media channels reach the right audience.

Top Click: Specialised social Media management

With our experience and expertise, Top Click will transform your social media presence, and help you tap into the rich rewards this lucrative media platform can deliver.

Deploying the right messages through the right channels, our team will help your brand establish a strong social media presence that connects you with your audience and pays dividends.

We understand that as the digital world evolves and online culture shifts day-to-day, social media strategy has to stay in step with the changing landscape.

We employ a personalised approach to each campaign – customising a social media strategy that is targeted to your specific audience, captures your specific brand voice and is attuned to your business objectives and company vision.

Top Click’s specialised services include

Whether you’re looking to increase likes, follows and engagement or require a targeted promotional advertising campaign to generate revenue and new customers, Top Click can help you.

Content Creation
We design and schedule regular updates to engage your audience and boost exposure.
Paid Ads
A great way to promote your offer to customers and draw traffic to your site. We ensure the right messages reach the right people at the right time.
We employ data-tracking tools to gain insights into each aspect of a campaign so that we can refine and retarget, improving your social media traction as we move forward.
Audience Identification
We design and schedule regular updates to engage your audience and boost exposure.
We formulate customised, creative social media marketing strategies geared to your specific goals and attuned to your specific brand identity.
We monitor your social media page and campaigns on an ongoing basis, spotlighting any issues or opportunities that arise, and responding timeously.

Our personalised strategies have unlocked extraordinary results for clients in a variety of industries. Call us to kickstart your social media journey today.


With over 2.2 billion active users across the globe, 1.4 billion of whom use Facebook every day, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. The potential reach for businesses is unlimited – which is why 80% of businesses worldwide have a Facebook page.

Facebook differs to other social media platforms in the scope it offers. You can market your products and services through images, videos and graphics, as well as visual links to your website and other sites. Another advantage is that your posts are potentially accessible to an extremely wide audience outside of your direct followers, for viewing, commenting and sharing.


Instagram is the world’s fasting growing social media platform, with 500 million active users and 40 billion photos shared a day. You might think that businesses have no place on an aesthetics-driven platform – but you’d be wrong.

More than 80% of Instagram users follow business profiles. Combined with the fact that image-based content typically attracts 94% more total views than text, and the fact that Instagram trumps both Facebook and Twitter in terms of user engagement – and you can begin to understand the dramatic potential Instagram offers you as a business.


With 336 million monthly active users worldwide, Twitter’s reach is considerable. By using it smartly and efficiently, you can expand your audience, grow your customer base and boost your business’s bottom line.

By garnering mentions and retweets, and sparking a conversation around your product, you can also enhance your brand visibility, improve your SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

The Twitter network is incredibly varied. Twitter users are likely to be of above- average income, which bodes well for sales prospects. This is just one of the reasons around 85% of small businesses utilise Twitter.


A career portal for 600 million professionals. A meeting place for four out of every five company key decision makers. The social media platform of choice for more than 90% of the world’s top business executives. If your business isn’t on LinkedIn by this stage, the question is, why not?

LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business and reach the people that matter most to you.

To engage them, you’ll need fresh, high-quality, well-targetted ads and posts, and close monitoring and analytics to optimise results. You’ll need Top Click.

Speak to Top Click Today. Let’s help you hack Social Media.