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Facebook differs to other social media platforms in the scope it offers. You can market your products and services through images, videos and graphics, as well as visual links to your website and other sites. Another advantage is that your posts are potentially accessible to an extremely wide audience outside of your direct followers, for viewing, commenting and sharing.

In addition, paid promotional advertising can be aimed at specific audiences in specific places at specific times using Facebook’s wide-ranging targetting capabilities.

Top Click’s specialised Facebook marketing services will help you unlock the potential of this immensely powerful platform – ensuring you establish a strong Facebook presence that boosts your bottom line.

We’ll ensure you: provide your audience with regular engaging, informative content; are responsive to comments and inquiries; and promote your products and services to the right people in the right places at the right time.

In doing so, you will reap numerous benefits, including:

Driving sales and revenue
Keeping existing audience engaged and informed
Boosting brand awareness and site traffic
Generating new leads and customers


More than 80% of Instagram users follow business profiles. Combined with the fact that image-based content typically attracts 94% more total views than text, and the fact that Instagram trumps both Facebook and Twitter in terms of user engagement – and you can begin to understand the dramatic potential Instagram offers you as a business.

Tell your story.

Instagram revolves around storytelling. Together, Instagram Feed and Stories offer a great opportunity for your target audience to meet the people behind the business, and for you to create visually pleasing, brand-based narratives and imagery.

Paid Instagram advertising is another avenue of opportunity. The platform offers powerful targeting capability so you can get your ads in front of the right people at the right time. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to run Facebook and Instagram ads in conjunction with one another, so if you’re advertising on one Facebook, it makes sense to advertise on Instagram, too.

As a social media platform, Instagram promotes engagement and community interaction.

Finally, Instagram is a valuable source of brand mentions – enabling you not only to track your own reputation but also to snoop on your competitors’ products and marketing campaigns. All this and more makes this visual platform a fruitful ground for establishing and controlling online presence.

How can TopClick help you?

Doing Instagram right is tricky, time-consuming and creatively taxing. Campaigns need to be carefully planned, beautifully implemented, regularly monitored, and frequently tested.

Top Click’s specialised Instagram management services employ cutting-edge tools and branding expertise to boost your engagement and expand your audience:

Expand your audience

We’ll use our full arsenal of tricks and skills to boost your posts, catch the intention of influencers, and win the eyeballs of both active and passive users.

Produce great content

We will help you engage your audience and boost awareness with beautiful content that draws clicks and comments.

Get to know your followers

Connect with your audience on a personal level, while gathering crucial feedback and consumer insights.

Drive traffic and sales

Hook your audience with great product posts and cross-channel promotional ads, and drive them to your website to convert them to customers.


By garnering mentions and retweets, and sparking a conversation around your product, you can also enhance your brand visibility, improve your SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

The Twitter network is incredibly varied. Twitter users are likely to be of above-average income, which bodes well for sales prospects. This is just one of the reasons around 85% of small businesses utilise Twitter.

It’s also a great platform for paid advertising. Over the past three years, ad engagements on Twitter have grown by nearly 70%, while ad costs have fallen sharply.

Above all, Twitter is known for its speed. Within minutes, you could see a hard-hitting post go viral, carry out some lighting-paced customer service, or make creative use of a trending hashtag to push your latest offer.

It all adds up to the kind of space you would want your business to be in. This is where Top Click comes in.

With our specialised Twitter management services, Top Click are the digital agency of choice for the web’s fastest-moving social media channel.

Whether it’s raising awareness, boosting engagement, drawing new followers, or driving traffic to your website, we can help you make the most of Twitter’s rich opportunities:

Twitter account management

From setting up your account to building and growing your following with rich, engaging content, smart hashtags, and timely, relevant responses, we have all the bases covered.

Monitoring and measuring

We monitor your Twitter regularly, resolving any issues, ensuring you are responsive, and tracking your campaign to ensure continual improvement.

Paid Advertising

Promoted tweets will help you drive brand awareness, expand your reach, and turn followers into customers. Through our micro-targetting expertise, we will also ensure you reach the right people at the right time.


LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business and reach the people that matter most to you.

To engage them, you’ll need fresh, high-quality, well-targetted ads and posts, and close monitoring and analytics to optimise results. You’ll need Top Click.

TopClick’s LinkedIn Services

With our specialised LinkedIn marketing, Top Click can help you harness the awesome potential of this prestige social media channel – boosting sales, driving awareness, and generating highly targeted leads among high-quality prospects.


We work with you to determine which audience profiles to focus on, and craft a strategy targetting key decision-makers.

LinkedIn ads

Utilising Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored channels, we roll out customised, hyper-targetted ad campaigns that put you right in front of the audience you covet. Target key decision makers based on multiple identity points, including specific industries, company size, and interest in specialised subjects.

Posts and page

We set you up with a customised landing page, curate informative, engaging posts, and make sure you are responsive to all messages and inquiries.

Sponsored InMail

SponsoredIn Mail is a great platform for promoting your business. Send personalised LinkedIn emails to specific target audiences and hot prospects to drive traffic to your site and boost sales.

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