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A career portal for 600 million professionals. A meeting place for four out of every five company key decision makers. The social media platform of choice for more than 90% of the world’s top business executives.

If your business isn’t on LinkedIn by this stage – the question is, why not?

LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business and reach the people that matter most to you.

To engage them, you’ll need fresh, high-quality, well-targetted ads and posts, and close monitoring and analytics to optimise results. You’ll need Top Click.

Top Click’s LinkedIn services

With our specialized LinkedIn marketing, Top Click can help you harness the awesome potential of this prestige social media channel – boosting sales, driving awareness, and generating highly targeted leads among high-quality prospects.  


To formulate the blueprint for your LinkedIn campaign, we first need to understand your business and your overall objectives. We then work with you to determine which audience profiles to focus on, and craft a strategy targetting key decision-makers.

Posts and page

We set you up with a customised landing page. From there we curate informative, engaging posts, using persuasive hard-hitting copy and eye-catching design. We also ensure you are responsive to all messages and inquiries.  

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is a great platform for promoting your business. Send personalised LinkedIn emails to specific target audiences and hot prospects to drive traffic to your site and boost sales. 

LinkedIn ads 

Utilising Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored channels, we roll out customised, hyper-targetted ad campaigns that put you right in front of the audience you covet. Target key decision makers based on multiple identity points, including specific industries, company size, and interest in specialised subjects.

Reporting and analytics

Using the latest data-tracking tools, we provide ongoing reports on the progress of your campaign, tracking exactly what is working, what isn’t, and where to redirect efforts and resources for continually improving conversion rates.   


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Why you need to be on LinkedIn

Professionals are flocking to LinkedIn. And unlike other social media users, they’re going there with focused intention and specific purpose. 

Whether it’s to find out the latest industry news, get advice, recruit personnel or receive recommendations – this is a uniquely engaged audience looking for high-quality, useful, relevant content. 

The companies that are informing and engaging this highly influential audience aren’t just selling products and services — they’re building real relationships and positioning themselves for success.

LinkedIn’s targeting functionality sets it apart, with rich data allowing you to segment your audience according to demographics and personal interests. and reach them directly via organic content or paid advertising (or a combination thereof).

Effective use of LinkedIn can help you position your company as both a thought leader and an industry leader – which in turn will generate high-quality leads and boost sales. 

500 million+ members
60 million+ senior-level influencers are active on the channel
40 million+ decision-makers are active on the channel
90%+ of the world’s B2B marketers use LinkedIn regularly
50%+ of all social traffic to business websites goes through LinkedIn
40%+ more sales opportunities through LinkedIn

Why you need a specialist agency

The majority of ads on LinkedIn are uninteresting, unclear and untargeted – in other words, not worth the budget spent on them. Sales and conversions remain static and campaigns fall flat.

To justify your time and marketing spend, you need to produce real results and actionable insights. And to do that – to genuinely break through the noise and reach the people you need to – a focused, expertly run campaign is essential.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network – a conference room bustling with influential key decision makers – and to make yourself heard you need your voice to come through clear and strong.

You need Top Click.

A performance-driven agency with the right expertise and experience

At Top Click, we know how to unlock the benefits and opportunities of LinkedIn.

We have a proven track record of doing exactly that, assisting scores of businesses over a number of years, and positioning them for success.

Our team of LinkedIn experts will create the perfect customised campaign, targeting the right people; creating copy that sings and design that pops; creating leads, optimising conversions, and boosting sales.

Speak to Top Click Today. The lucrative world of LinkedIn awaits.