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Instagram is the world’s fasting growing social media platform, with 500 million active users and 40 billion photos shared a day. You might think that businesses have no place on an aesthetics-driven platform – but you’d be wrong.
More than 80% of Instagram users follow business profiles. Combined with the fact that image-based content typically attracts 94% more total views than text, and the fact that Instagram trumps both Facebook and Twitter in terms of user engagement – and you can begin to understand the dramatic potential Instagram offers you as a business.

Tell your story.

Instagram revolves around storytelling. Together, Instagram Feed and Stories offer a great opportunity for your target audience to meet the people behind the business, and for you to create visually pleasing, brand-based narratives and imagery.

Paid Instagram advertising is another avenue of opportunity. The platform offers powerful targeting capability so you can get your ads in front of the right people at the right time. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to run Facebook and Instagram ads in conjunction with one another, so if you’re advertising on one Facebook, it makes sense to advertise on Instagram, too.

As a social media platform, Instagram promotes engagement and community interaction. 

Finally, Instagram is a valuable source of brand mentions – enabling you not only to track your own reputation but also to snoop on your competitors’ products and marketing campaigns. All this and more makes this visual platform a fruitful ground for establishing and controlling online presence.

How can Top Click can help you?
Doing Instagram right is tricky, time-consuming and creatively taxing. Campaigns need to be carefully planned, beautifully implemented, regularly monitored, and frequently tested.

Top Click’s specialised Instagram management services employ cutting-edge tools and branding expertise to boost your engagement and expand your audience:

Expand your audience
We’ll use our full arsenal of tricks and skills to boost your posts, catch the intention of influencers, and win the eyeballs of both active and passive users.
Get to know your followers
We will ensure you connect with your audience on a personal level, while gathering crucial feedback and consumer insights.
Optimise your ad spend
We will assist you in getting the most out of your Instagram paid ads, growing your reach and gaining you real traction.
Drive traffic and sales
We will make sure you hook your audience with great product posts and cross-channel promotional ads, and drive them to your website to convert them to customers.
Identify your audience
We will help you discover who your audience is and – using Instagram’s proprietary targeting capabilities – how best to reach them.
Produce great content
We will help you engage your audience and boost awareness with beautiful content that draws clicks and comments and draws new followers.
Track your campaigns
Our in-depth analytics scan all the relevant data to bring you practical insights on your campaign and help you pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.
Get on the Gram. 

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Why you should be on Instagram

Looking to boost brand awareness? Promote new products and services? Reach new demographics? Drive people to your website? Instagram can help you achieve all of that and more. 

There are close to 30 million companies on Instagram. Here’s why you should be one of them: 

Instagram Is currently the sixth-most-visited website in the world.
More than a third of the planet is on Instagram. 
More than half are regular users, spending significant time on the platform every day
Around 80% of Instagram users follow a brand and are open to business content provided it is easy on the eye.
Instagram’s Shopping Feature enables companies to sell directly to their customers via the app.
Instagram Stories ads are a unique, hugely compelling way to engage your audience.
Because Instagram is exclusively a mobile format users are entirely engaged with what’s in front of them.
How to make the most out of Instagram

Create top content…

To catch people’s eye you need to promote your company in the most aesthetically pleasing, visually arresting way possible. It’s the most direct and most effective way to get your name out there.

Get the ratio right…

Instagram offers a medley of options – not just static images and text but graphics, videos, GIFs, and collages. You need to know when to use what for which campaign and manage things to a T. 

Pick precise hashtags…

You need hashtags that jibe with the content you’re producing and the type of audience you’re targetting. Popularity, relevance, trending potential, and creativity are all important ingredients in your hashtag brew.

Connect via captions…

You’ve got more than 2000 characters to work with. That doesn’t mean every caption needs to read like War and Peace. Your overriding objective is to connect quickly and viscerally with the people most interested in what you’re selling. 


How we work

At Top Click, we specialise in creating hard-hitting and distinctive Instagram campaigns. With almost a decade as a full-service Instagram agency, we design and implement the stickiest, most engaging, most up-to-date campaigns for our clients. 

Producing high-end content aimed at micro-targeted audiences, we tap into the latest tricks and trends, monitoring your campaign on an ongoing basis for real-time tweaks, continual improvement and optimum results. 

Whether you want to raise awareness, super-charge your followers, or convert customers, we help you get where you need to go. 

Our custom-built campaigns employ a combination of promoted posts, best-practice tools, and proprietary software to bring your brand into the conversation and help you mark your territory. 

Don’t squander time and other resources on limp, insipid campaigns. Partner with Top Click to curate unique, uniquely engaging experiences for your audience. In doing so, you will build brand trust, brand loyalty and brand awareness – and ultimately, drive revenue.

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