How to give access to Google Analytics

How to give access to Google Analytics


To allow others to view or manage your Google Analytics account, you’ll need to grant them access. Here’s how you do it without going through the step-by-step details.

The process starts with you logging into your Google Analytics account. From there, you navigate to the Admin section, which allows you to manage users for the account, a specific property, or a particular view, depending on what level of access you want to grant.

Adding a user involves inputting their email address (which must be associated with a Google account) and defining their role. The role you assign will determine what level of access they have, from basic data viewing to full administrative control.

There are several roles you can assign including Read & Analyse, Collaborate, Edit, and Manage Users. Each of these roles offers a different level of access and control within the account.

An invitation is sent to the specified email address, and the person will need to accept the invitation to access the Google Analytics account. It’s essential to remember that you should only give access to people you trust, as they will have the ability to view and potentially modify critical data depending on the access level you provide.

Regularly reviewing and managing your user access list ensures your account’s security and that only the necessary people have access.



Step 1

Open Google Analytics and go to your website

Step 2

Click the “Admin” button in the bottom left corner

Step 3

Click “Account User Management”

Step 4

Click the blue + to add a new user to your account, property, or view.

Step 5

Then, click “add new users” from the drop-down

Step 6

Enter email address of the person you want to invite

Tick box “notify users by email”

Tick box “read and analyse”

That’s it! You’ve successfully allowed a user to access your Google Analytics account.