How to give access to Google Ads

How to give access to Google Ads


Providing access to your Google Ads account can be a necessary step when you’re bringing on new team members or collaborating with a digital marketing agency. It allows others to manage and optimise your ad campaigns while ensuring you maintain ownership and control of your account.

The process involves logging into your Google Ads account and navigating to the section where user access is managed. Here, you can add new users by entering their email address and assigning them an appropriate role that determines their level of access, from viewing reports to managing campaigns or even administering user access.

It’s important to note that the person you’re giving access to needs to have a Google Account (such as Gmail) as Google Ads access is granted based on this. Once the invitation is sent, the recipient needs to accept the invitation to gain access to the Google Ads account.

There are various roles that you can assign including Admin, Standard, Read only, and Email only access, each providing different levels of control over the account. This allows you to maintain control and security over your account, while still providing necessary access to those who need it.

Remember, it’s critical to only provide account access to people you trust as they will have the ability to make changes that can directly impact your ad performance. Always review the access levels regularly and revoke access when it is no longer needed.



Step 1

Log in to your Google Ads account (

Step 2

Click on Tools at the top right and select Account access under Setup

Step 3

After clicking, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to finally add a user to the Google ads account.

Step 4

Click on the + sign button

Add the email of the person you want to invite

Click “Standard”

Click “Send invitation