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Google Shopping

To feature in Google Shopping, Google needs a balanced meal of data, keywords, images, pricing and other factors. We know the right recipe.

At Top Click, we know how to perfect this recipe.

Google Shopping is a platform enabling people to search, compare, and purchase items from retailers who pay Google to promote their products. Google Shopping product listings show up on searches as thumbnail images with a product’s retailer and price.

If you’re an e-commerce retailer then Google Shopping is a godsend. Even if you’re not, a recent study found that over 80% of consumers perform online research before committing to make a purchase in-store.

It sounds simple, but in truth, it’s a complex science. For Google Shopping to be properly effective, your product needs to show up on the first eight listings. If it doesn’t you can still generate traffic when users click the “Shop for…” link appearing above those eight listings.

To make “the top 8” requires feeding Google a balanced meal of data, keywords, images, pricing and other factors. When all of those ingredients working in harmony, you will get your ad in front of the right people and win the right clicks.

As Google Shopping experts, we’ve helped numerous clients from a range of sectors win big in the online shopping space.

Our results are driven by data and rigorous research – combined with eye-catching advertising content, we ensure your products reach the right people, and that you convert clicks into customers.

Our specialised Google Shopping services include:

Feed Generation

We use tried-and-tested optimisation techniques to drive your sales


We use scientific methods to win you the best possible bid and ensure your Google Shopping campaigns is as profitable as it can be.


We monitor your campaign on an ongoing basis, ensuring your ads are performing optimally. We also provide regular reporting so you can see for yourself what’s happening.

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