What A Google Premier Partner Is And How To Become One

Top Click Media South Africa

Top Click Media South Africa is a 2022 Google Premier Partner. Top Click Media South Africa is among one of the top companies within its country and has met all of the Partner requirements. Learn more about the Google Partners program and its requirements.

How to become a Google Partner or Premier Partner

After your company joins the Google Partners program, your company can build a deeper partnership by becoming a Google Partner.

Becoming a Google Partner means that your company is recognized for maximizing campaign success for your clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications. As a Google Partner, your company will get access to a wider range of benefits, including the ability to showcase the Google Partners badge on your website and marketing materials.

This article describes the requirements to become a Partner or Premier Partner. Learn more about how to check your Google Partner status

How to become a Google Partner

There are 3 requirement categories: Performance, Spend, and Certifications. The Google Partner requirements are checked on a daily basis. The requirement categories and thresholds for each category are described in the table below.

PerformanceThe performance requirement helps ensure that you can effectively set up and optimally run Google Ads campaigns to achieve the greatest results for your clients. Your Google Partners registered Ads manager account needs to have a minimum optimization score of 70% – you’re in control and can apply or dismiss recommendations based on your assessment and your client’s goals. Learn more about optimization score
SpendYour Google Partners registered Ads manager account needs to maintain a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 USD across managed funds.
CertificationYour Google Partners registered Ads manager account needs to have a minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads (capped at 100 users), with at least one certification in each product area with a campaign spend of $500 USD or more in 90 days (for example Search, Display, Video, Shopping, or Apps). Account strategists are employees of your company who manage Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients. You can inform us of how many users in your company are account strategists and should be certified based on their day-to-day work by going to the Company details page from your Partners program tab and selecting from the drop-down menu. Learn more about making your certifications count toward the Certifications requirement

How to become a Premier Partner

Companies need to meet the Partner requirements and be in the top 3% of participating companies within a given country (determined annually) to become Premier Partners*.

The factors that determine the top 3% include, but are not limited to:

  • Client growth: Ability for partners to grow their existing clients and acquire new clients, measured by year-over-year ads spend growth and ads spend among first-time Google Ads clients
  • Client retention: Demonstrated ability to sustain client business, measured by the percentage of clients retained year-over-year
  • Product diversification: Demonstrated investment in results-focused product mix beyond Search, measured by the percentage of spend on Display, Apps, Video, and Shopping each calendar year
  • Annual ads spend: Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, measured by spend across managed accounts each calendar year

*Evaluation of Premier Partner eligibility is relative to how other companies perform in a given country. Evaluation is approximate, may vary by country, and is completed on an annual basis. Premier Partner status may not be available in all countries.

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