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Google Display Ads

A network of more than two million websites, videos, and apps that reaches over 90% of Internet users worldwide daily.

Your audience is there – all you need do is reach out and touch them. The Google Display Network is one of the most fertile advertising grounds on the web.

You can reach a buyer when they’re reviewing the news or playing a game on their phone. And unlike Google Search Ads (where you are limited to headlines and descriptions that appear on the Google search engine), Google Display Ads let you custom-create your own advert – with interactive text, image and video.

The great benefit of Google Display Ads is that they are based on users’ online activity. They draw on web user data and cookies to track the websites and searches they make. This ensures your ads reach the right target audience.

Increase conversion rates. Fight shopping cart abandonment. Boost brand awareness.

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Who Are You Reaching?

There are typically three types of users you can target with Google Display Ads:

In-market users

These are users who suddenly deviate from their usual browsing/search patterns. This sudden switch is a signal to Google that they are in the market for this specific search item. Your Display Ad can be targetted at users who suddenly deviate towards search terms or sites relating to your business.

Custom-intent users

Targeting custom intent users requires a more proactive approach on your part. Essentially, you need to tell Google specifically whom you want your ads to be displayed to. These users are targetted based on specific keywords and landing pages they use, which you identify as being relevant. Custom intent users usually offer the best customer prospects and the highest conversion rates.

Affinity users

These are users whose browsing and search history Google identifies as consistently matching your business or brand. They are likely to be a prime audience with high conversion potential, and your Google display ads can target them accordingly.


Retargeting is one of the most common and useful ways to use Google Display Ads. Essentially, it involves targeting ads at potential customers who have visited your website before. Most people leave a site without completing a purchase.

That’s where retargeting comes in. Once they leave your site, you can re-market to them elsewhere on the web – whether it’s Facebook or one of their favourite sites. You then stand a better chance of driving them back to your site and converting them into a customer.

Another benefit is that, in addition to winning over new customers, you can promote new products/services to existing customers.

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