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Actionable insights for your Google Ads campaigns. Not tracking your Google Ads performance is like flying blind.

There could be small blips or large structural issues holding you back. But until you’ve done an audit you won’t know about them. Fortunately, Top Click offers your business a FREE Google Ads audit.

As a Google Premier Partner® and certified Google Ads experts, our cutting-edge tools provide algorithmic-based audit results for optimising your Google Ads campaign.

Our experience and expertise enable us to spot (and solve) issues that other audits might miss.

Through the Google Ads audit, we:

Help you get a handle on current results
Pinpoint areas that need improvement
Reveal how you measure up against your competitors
Generate audience insights
Track how the campaign has performed over time
Identify how you can improve them
Uncover inefficient spending
Outline expected results from implementing our recommendations

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