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Facebook Advertising

With over 2.5 billion active users across the globe, 1.6 billion of whom use Facebook every day, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform.

The potential reach for businesses is unlimited – which is why 80% of businesses worldwide have a Facebook page.

Facebook differs to other social media platforms in the scope it offers. You can market your products and services through images, videos and graphics, as well as visual links to your website and other sites. Another advantage is that your posts are potentially accessible to an extremely wide audience outside of your direct followers, for viewing, commenting and sharing.

In addition, paid promotional advertising can be aimed at specific audiences in specific places at specific times using Facebook’s wide-ranging targeting capabilities.

Top Click’s specialised Facebook marketing services will help you unlock the potential of this immensely powerful platform – ensuring you establish a strong Facebook presence that boosts your bottom line.

We’ll ensure you: provide your audience with regular engaging, informative content; are responsive to comments and inquiries; and promote your products and services to the right people in the right places at the right time.

In doing so, you will reap numerous benefits, including:

Driving sales and revenue
Boosting brand awareness and site traffic
Keeping existing audience engaged and informed
Generating new leads and customers
Top Click understands the art and science of Facebook advertising. We know all the tricks and tools to optimise your advertising spend and increase clicks and conversions.
Facebook’s algorithm is smart. It knows where your customers are hiding and how to find your audience. It can zero-in with pinpoint precision on a tiny demographic in a tiny region. Or it can broadcast a general message that reaches millions.

Where does Top Click come in?

We know how to ride the algorithm – utilising its genius, maximising its rewards for the benefit of your business. We know the methods and mechanisms that unlock hidden audiences; that tap new demographics hungry for what you’re selling.

We can slice through the noise and the resistance creating adds that draw your audience and convert your customers.

And we stay at the cutting edge of new developments, tracking all the latest algorithmic changes. By remaining at the top of our game, we keep you at the top of yours.

We’ve made Facebook work for hundreds of happy clients. Let us make it work for you.


The power of Facebook

With a user base of 2.5 billion, Facebook accumulates mountains of hyper-specific data detailing who its users are and what they like. This enables you to micro-target specific audiences who are in the market for what you’re selling. Facebook enables you to target users by age, gender, location, demographic, interests, behaviour and connections. You can also target users on the basis of recent purchases, life events, and other vectors.
This targeting capability is why Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools for acquiring new customers, driving sales and growing your brand.
It’s also one of the cheapest. For under R200 you can reach a (targeted) audience of over 1000 people. Facebook advertising works on a pay per click (CPC) model which means that you’ll only be charged if a user clicks one of your ads.
And that fact that Facebook is a standardised platform with a specific look and feel doesn’t mean your ad has to be generic. There are various ad formats to choose from – Carousel, Dynamic, Slideshow, Video, and others – and infinite ways you can make your ad or page or positing distinctive.
Facebook gives you option to promote your Facebook page, posts or even your website. Furthermore, Facebook’s analytics allows you monitor the performance of your campaigns with ease, in real time.
Whether you’re a start-up, a small business, a big business, or a multi-national corporation, with the right agency managing your campaign, Facebook has everything you need to reach your intended audience and develop your brand.

Some stats:

After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the world’s third most-visited website
The average user spends close to an hour a day on Facebook 
Facebook advertising campaigns reach 1.95 billion out of the platform’s 2.5 billion monthly active users.
The average Facebook user clicks on 12 Facebook ads per month.
Facebook is responsible for more than 80% of social referral shares to ecommerce websites.
Around 15% of social media users shop on Facebook.
Approximately 100 million small businesses incorporate Facebook into their marketing strategy.
In the past five years, Facebook ad impressions have increased by 33%.
Facebook Messenger has over 350 000 active chatbots exchanging millions of messages between people and brands daily.

How we work

As a specialist social media advertising agency, Top Click knows how to make Facebook work for you. We’ll tailor customised strategies for your business, and implement optimised ad campaigns that drive traffic, increase click-throughs, improve sales and identify sales leads. Whatever your objectives, we’ll help you realise them with data-optimised Facebook marketing campaigns.

Our process:

1. Getting to know you

First step to optimising your Facebook marketing campaign is getting to know you. Who are your prospective customers? What makes your business unique? What are your advertising goals? From there we can build a customised strategy to deliver your key marketing objectives. 

2. Ad development

Now for the creative bit. Creating your ad. This involves writing optimised copy, headlines, and descriptions that speak to hearts and minds. And creating high-quality, hard-hitting – but simple – imagery that draws eyeballs. 

3. The sciency bit

Once ads are signed off and launched, the real magic begins. Over time, through constant monitoring and testing of your ads, trends emerge. We see what’s working and what’s not. Performance data allows us to fine-tune and tweak to an incredible degree of detail to keep your campaign firing on all cylinders.  

4. Reporting

At various intervals, Top Click will present you with a comprehensive report – detailing your results, and helping you understand the progress of your campaign. So you can be sure every rand spent is doing what it is meant to. 

Speak to Top Click Today. Make Facebook marketing work for you.