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What is Digital PR?

PR has moved beyond the scope of the original press release and entered the digital age. 

Whereas a traditional PR practitioner would cast bland, largely irrelevant releases into an endless faceless sea of journalists in the faint hope that one or two of them bite, digital PR uses a variety of internet-based tools and strategies, including social media, SEO, content marketing and influencer outreach improve a brand’s awareness, visibility and online presence on an exponential scale, and reach a much broader audience.

It’s a world in which a single email has the power to generate top-tier coverage, hundreds of backlinks, and thousands of social shares for your brand. 

Show up first for relevant searches in your area
Rank above competitors as the local industry-leader
Increase your ratings among Google users

PR has moved beyond the scope of the original press release and entered the digital age. 


A focused, well-considered digital PR campaign can make all the difference in establishing your online presence and what makes your brand unique, as well as building and managing your brand’s reputation, and putting you at the forefront of the conversation in your industry/sector.

The key is to craft the right message for the right audience, and deliver it at the right time, through the right channel. By doing so, you can reach audiences on various channels who influence buying decisions, including business and trade publications, social media and review sites, and blogs or product forums.


By stacking up press mentions and backlinks on notable websites, you can also organically boost your website’s search engine rankings. Digital PR is the easiest and fastest means to build an audience – and with it, brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand authority. 

An effective digital PR strategy will help you: 

Generate leads and drive sales
Boost your brand reputation and establish trust
Boost website traffic
Improve SEO performance
Establish thought leadership in your field
Evolve from corporate messaging to compelling storytelling

How We Work

Top Click offers a unique, cross-platform approach to digital PR. We employ a combination of digital marketing tools, press outreach, and social media strategies to amplify your message, extend your reach, and grow your brand awareness. 

We achieve this by promoting your content across social media, and via landing pages, email, mobile apps, and various other platforms and channels. 

Crucially, we ensure your digital PR campaign works in tandem with your SEO strategy, and with your overall content marketing strategy, and is informed by data analytics and ongoing monitoring. 

Our digital PR services include:

Preparing online press releases
Optimising press releases through relevant, high-quality backlinks
Organising online reviews and interviews
Influencer marketing and blogger outreach 

Press outreach

Good digital PR starts with having something worth pitching to journalists and bloggers – and being able to reach them. 

At Top Click, we build relationships with the right online media publishers to ensure you get the coverage you need. From national newspapers to industry magazines and blog pages, our press outreach covers a range of channels. We know how to pitch your stories and target the right journalists and publications. 

By making sure your content reaches the right people at the right time, we help you secure high-profile press coverage, build brand awareness, and drive site traffic through well-placed backlinks. 

We are skilled at targeting relevant journalists in high-authority publications, as well as widely read bloggers – thereby bringing your brand messages to large audiences, particularly those interested in your products and services.

Ultimately, through securing meaningful earned media, you can create enduring brand awareness and loyalty. 

Build brand awareness through targeted digital PR and press outreach. Contact Top Click today.