Outsource Your Digital Marketing to South Africa

We’ll do it better for less.

If you are based in Europe or the US, it can be prohibitively expensive to build an in-house team of digital marketing specialists – especially while your business is small. Hiring a high-quality local digital agency is equally unaffordable.

Of course, in the digital age, specialized digital and content marketing is no longer optional – it is absolutely essential. Today everything and everyone is online, and so that’s where you need to be, too. 

That’s where Top Click comes in.

Based in South Africa, local market conditions and a favorable exchange rate enable us to provide best-in-industry digital marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost!

Delegate the Work to Top Click – and save up to 75% on your marketing costs
When it comes to something as labor-intensive and highly specialized as digital marketing, it’s better to have someone else do the work. As a marketing manager or company owner your job is to think about how to maximize and optimize your web presence in a way that is effective in growing your business and boosting revenue, while still being affordable. 

With Top Click, you get an entire agency of specialists for the same amount that one local hire in the US costs. In doing so, you’ll have access to world-class:

SEO Experts
Google Ad specialists
Social Media Managers
Digital marketing strategists
Web Designers and Developers
Content Writers


One client we have in the US is paying $1,500 a month for a team that within the US would easily cost $10,000-$15,000 per month!

Why Top Click


We are a full-service, integrated digital marketing agency. 

Founded in 2008 on the cusp of the new digital revolution, Top Click is one of South Africa’s leading specialized marketing agencies. A Google Premier Partner®, over the years we have built and managed campaigns for hundreds of clients, ranging from SMEs and NGOs to major corporates. 

SEO. Social media. Digital advertising. Website design, development and optimization. Lead generation campaigns. Data analytics. Content creation. We don’t just do it all. We’re Google-certified experts. At Top Click, we offer a holistic suite of digital marketing services – wrapped up in one smartly integrated package.

With Top Click you’ll have access to the latest systems, the best software and the most cutting-edge strategies. And you’ll gain all the expertise of a team with the passion and skills to take your business to the next level. 



More Leads
Bigger Online Presence
Better Conversions
Wider Reach
Offshore outsourcing is the future of marketing
In a world so closely interconnected by technology and the internet, offshore outsourcing has changed the way digital marketing is done. Its relative affordability has enabled numerous small business to grow dramatically in a short period of time. This essential global democratization of digital marketing is yet another way in which geographical boundaries are dissolving in the online age.

In the last two years alone, small and medium-sized businesses in the US have begun to outsource their digital marketing operations to offshore agencies at an increasing rate of 18% annually. It is forecast that over the next four years, 25% to 30% of all US businesses will be outsourcing all or part of their marketing to offshore agencies. And that number will continue to climb. 

While the essentials of a great marketing campaign – web optimization, data-driven strategies, great design and written content, targeted search advertising, retargeting techniques, email marketing, etc. – remain unchanged, the ever-expanding offshore marketing landscape makes these vital resources and technology-driven solutions accessible to companies across the globe.

Working with digital marketers like Top Click, who are experts in their field, you ensure your marketing is in the hands of an agency able to produce results you need. 

Relying on a specialist agency like Top Click to smartly, efficiently and effectively optimise your digital marketing tasks done, you can:

  • Lower overheads and improve cost-efficiency
  • Increase revenue and have more time to spend on your company’s business objectives.
  • Have a dedicated team of experts optimising your digital marketing and web presence

It makes all the sense in the world.

Save costs. Take your business to the next level. Outsource your digital marketing to Top Click today!