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There are 4.1 million apps out there

Make sure yours is found. Promote your iOS or Android app on Google Play, Apple Search, Google Search and other platforms. Top Click will ensure your App ads reach the people interested in apps like yours.

This is why you need Top Click.

More than 2.3 billion people own a smartphone. Each person uses, on average, 40 apps a month and uses them for 43 days a year. The problem is, there are now over four million apps on the market.

This is why you need a specialist app marketer to break through.

Whatever your app, whatever your audience, Top Click can drive your mobile marketing – keeping ad costs low and install rates high, and giving your app the reach it needs.
Google and Apple are continually updating the methods they use to identify and rank apps. Fortunately, we keep abreast of all the changes – ensuring that in a constantly shifting playing field, you stay ahead of the pack.

Our results speak for themselves. We know how to run effective App Store Optimisation (ASO) and Google Play campaigns, combining them to increase your visibility and maximise your App Stores ranking.

Our expertly managed campaigns drive traffic to your app’s page whether customers are searching for your app or a competitor’s.

Apple Search Ads

Get in front of the right people. Stay in front of the competition.

Apple Search Ads is a relatively new feature on iOS, enabling developers to advertise their app at the top of the search results in the Apple iOS App Store.

With effective use of this platform, you can drive a captive audience to your app when they search either for your app or similar apps.

With more than 65% of all app downloads sourced directly from App Store searches, this is the best opportunity to make your app visible – and Top Click will help you realise it.

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